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Goudelocke and Villien Recover Web Site, Email Domains for Iberia Parish


On September 24, 2014, after less than 90 days of litigation, DMSA partner Ryan Goudelocke and associate Jonathan Villien successfully recovered, on behalf of Iberia Parish Government, the latter's Internet domain names, including the address, where their client hosts its web site, and the domain used for the Parish's email communications,

Both those domains, and several others, had been threatened with seizure by the Parish's contractor for domain-name services, whom Goudelocke and Villien promptly brought into federal court in Lafayette on trademark infringement, anticybersquatting, computer fraud, conversion, and breach of contract claims. After obtaining a temporary restraining order from U.S. District Judge Rebecca Doherty, DMSA's attorneys quickly brought the dispute to a conclusion in September with issuance of a permanent injunction, restoring the disputed domain names to Iberia Parish Government.