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Daniel Phillips Serves as Co-Chair of LYLA Mock Trial Committee


On March 7, 2015, Daniel Phillips completed his role as co-chair of the Lafayette Young Lawyer’s Association (LYLA) Mock Trial Committee. This volunteer team plans and facilitates a mock trial tournament for southern Louisiana high school students. This Regional Mock Trial presents an opportunity for students to act out a trial in a courtroom atmosphere. After much study and preparation, participants serve on both the defense’s and plaintiff’s sides of the case to gain real-world experiences of courtroom litigation.

As co-chair, Phillips advertised the event and encouraged schools to get involved, recruited volunteer attorneys to judge the competition, helped to plan for the tournament, and worked to ensure a positive and educational experience for everyone on tournament day.

Phillips says the experience was a rewarding one, and encourages other LYLA attorneys to get involved. “I volunteered because it was a great way to serve the schools, helping students get a taste of the legal profession in action.”